Why you use CKC
Our specialized outsourcing services provide;
A. Cost saving

When the company’s size is not big enough to hire accounting manager, CKC service can save costs.

B. Time saving

The clients do not need to worry about the change of accounting manager; CKC saves time for the clients whom might have wasted time for recruiting a new accounting manager.

C. Timely process

As all managers and staffs in CKC are engaged in homogeneous service because we service only to the foreign clients, the reporting schedule can be strictly controlled and back-up is possible for sudden absence. We call this as ‘collaborative approach’, which enables the clients to enjoy timely process.

D. Confidentiality

HQs of foreign clients are often unsure whether their confidential information could be open to the Korean employees. CKC, independent from the Korean employees, shall keep sensitive information to confidential. Payroll matters are the most common area which we keep the finest confidentiality.

E. Personalized Professional service

To avoid bureaucracy, CKC’s managers and staffs are kind and have professional knowledge to reduce the errors.

F. Customized HQ reporting

As reporting templates may differ by company, CKC can customize templates based on requirements of the client.

G. Use of CKC facilities

As CKC opens its two deluxe meeting rooms through virtual office service, Our clients can use these rooms without feeling ill at ease.

H. Education

CKC opens regular and special seminar programs in variety area. They can be used as education of employees.

I. HR statistics

CKC may do market research to get information necessary for decision of payroll matters on behalf of the clients.

J. Follow-up of ex-employees

Ex-employees may be reluctant to contact their ex-companies for necessary documents. They, however, do not need to feel such reluctance with CKC, accounting agent. Legal status of the companies may change by M&A etc. and it will cause difficulty in providing necessary documents to the ex-employees. But, CKC will last unchanged and is able to give those documents long after.

  • Compandben SA
  • High Street Partners
  • Invest Korea
  • Seoul Global Center
  • Knowing about Korea
  • National Tax Service
  • Minstry of Labor
  • National health Insurance
  • National Pension Service
  • Compensation & Welfare Service