Virtual Office
A. Primary service

Client can use CKC’s address as its business address;
CKC receives mails and fax on behalf of client;
CKC send all mails and fax to the designated address once a week;
Client opens its own telephone line and receives call through automatic transfer to mobile phone or other designated telephone number;
Provide voice mail when client can’t receive call.
B. Premium service
Provide primary service basically;
Receive call under client name and connect it directly to you;
Receive call in English when it comes from overseas;
Client can use Jupiter Meeting Room and Juno Meeting Room on hourly basis;
Provide document locker for keeping company documents.
  • Compandben SA
  • High Street Partners
  • Time of submission
  • Seoul Global Center
  • Knowing about Korea
  • National Tax Service
  • Minstry of Labor
  • National health Insurance
  • National Pension Service
  • Compensation & Welfare Service