International network
Our services are performed in cross border with referral from or in collaboration with the network firms. Networks will facilitate the liaison between member firms so that each firm can obtain advice on international matters affecting its clients. Our international networks are as follows;

We are a member firm of INAA Group (The International Network of Auditors and Accountants). There are 65 members from 50 countries. -> For more information, access to;


We are an International HR Consultancy of Compandben SA (Anglo Swiss human resources consultancy based in Geneva for International Employment Consultancy) -> For more information, access to;


We are a local service provider of High Street Partners (U.S based consulting firm to help expansion by assisting cross-border accounting, payroll, compliance, finance, HR and administrative services etc.) -> For more information, access to

  • Compandben SA
  • High Street Partners
  • Invest Korea
  • Seoul Global Center
  • Knowing about Korea
  • National Tax Service
  • Minstry of Labor
  • National health Insurance
  • National Pension Service
  • Compensation & Welfare Service